❣︎WELCOME TO my Carrd!! just about me pls be respectful!! <3 art CR: nylatrashcan


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basic info about me! <3

Alexander or Bunni ★ 17 ★ aroace sapphic ★ she/love ★ taken <Nasumi3 ★ dx w/schizophrenia, bipolar, chronically ill, agoraphobia ++ more

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Hamilton, IDV, Hadestown, Hades (game), Greek Mythology, history, the American Revolution, Hellenism, pink, coquette fashion


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to know before you follow!

i talk and post A LOT about Hamilton, i get anxious VERY easily, i talk a lot about my friends + my gf

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um! dni if you follow these (exceptions ok)!

Mean people, negativity, excessive weed/drug mentions, actually a fucking weirdo, you are or kin me as Alexander Hamilton (musical), don’t flirt with me (even playfully) i have a girlfriend (hi Nasu i love you!!!!! <3)


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my bffs! i will hunt you down if you mess with them

Nasumi (my gf!), Deimos, Aven/Artemis, Amelie/Rue, Eli, Lis/Lili, Aesop, Vero, Lawrence, Maxine, Heidi, Mishu, Fyodor/Ace, Marin, Hazel, the Hamilgang, Asa